Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rolemaster Character Spreadsheet

The duty of maintaining a character sheet in Rolemaster can be onerous. This is my favorite spreadsheet tool for easing the pain. It is about 99% compatable with DaveS's campaign. The only serious problem that I have with this tool is that it depends on a lot of VBA macros and only works in MS Excel. If you're an OpenOffice fan like myself, this is a problem. So for this sheet and this sheet only, I have taken to keeping a Windows XP virtual guest with Excel 2007 on both my "big" and "little" laptops. Its a lot of work, but it means that aside from this one sheet I need never interface with Windows or Excel except when I'm being paid to do so at work.

Without further ado, the chargen tool:

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  1. Hi - interested in the character sheet, trying to find it on the forums but the link seems to be broken? Any chance of getting it emailed or put up on Rapidshare or some such?