Sunday, April 19, 2009

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

The PCs started as lvl2 heroes, with 2 of them deciding to be multi-class: Jedi/Scoundrel (Zabrak) and Jedi/Noble (Twi'lek). The other two are single-class Jedi (Human and Twi'lek). My kids rolled enviable, but imperfect, stats: the two girls rolled some preposterous numbers balanced by some pathetic numbers, while my wife and son rolled solidly decent and nothing below average. Everyone did better than a 28pt-buy RPGA start, although the girls have very unbalanced distributions.

Opening Moves:
The PCs are in the right place at the right time to save the lives of a bunch of civilians at a space station, and simultaneously attract some praise from other Jedi. They're supposed to be part of a peaceful delegation from the Jedi Temple sent as visitors and observers at the Galactic Games. Basically, the "kids" get a free pass as visitors to the Games since they're supposed to be "escorted". They're seperated from their escorts while in a space station over Alderaan and witness a "freak accident" that destroys the ship they're supposed to board, cripples the space station, and nearly wipes out the entire Board of Directors of the Trade Federation. All at once. Canon event for this year: all non-Neimodian members of the Trade Federation BoD are killed/assassinated in a takeover which results in a pure Neimodian BoD and Nute Gunray becoming Viceroy. The PCs witness this and are stuck in a docking concourse of the space station during the accident. They commandeer a bulk transport and shepherd all the civilians to safety before the docking concourse collapses, thus saving a bunch of lives. Pure heroism. The stuff of Jedi holovids. They're instant heroes to the galaxy, all with preposterously high CHA stats so they're natural photogenic kids in front of the cameras. Their mothers would be proud.

Jedi Gambit:
There has been what is obviously a huge nefarious well-orchestrated plot against the Trade Federation, which could easily result in a huge hue-and-cry "Galactic Incident[tm]" if the TF plays it that way. The mandate of the Senate is for the Jedi to investigate this and solve the problem. The ideal investigators are "johnny on the spot", except that this is a job not suited to non-attached Padawans. I've conveniently machinated an excuse to send the Padawans unescorted to Naboo to the Games, while their "escorts" take on the "mission". Except they've lost their transport (kaboom!). Enter the deux ex machina. A Consular transport vessel conveniently en-route from Corsucant to Naboo already on Senatorial business is rerouted to make a stop at Alderaan to pick up the PCs. That vessel is on assignment to the Chommell Sector Senate District, Vidar Kim Senator, and is bearing Palpatine (his personal aide and chief of staff) back to Naboo. Yes, I am that evil to dangle Palpatine, Sith Apprentice, in disguise right under the noses of the PCs and they can't do a darn thing about it because they don't have any proof of anything. If my wife or kids knew that according to Expanded Universe canon, Darth Plagueis is a Muun I'd even go so far as to allow Palpatine to be observed taking a secretive holo-call from some Banking Clan representative or a hooded/robes Muun. Before they board, their "goodbye kiss" meeting with their former escorts, the PCs are presented with loaner lightsabers and the promise "we'll see you on Naboo in a couple weeks".

In the background:
Their mothers ARE proud. The ones who aren't already dead. The Zabrak was born to Spacers, a distant cousin of Mace Windu's own Master, from a family who owner-operate a pathetic run-down bulk transport plying the Outer Rim in competition to the budding Xizor Transport Systems. Their biggest anti-piracy safety factor is that they're too low-budget to maintain their own artificial gravity plates, everyone knows it, and thus they're not worth the hassle of attacking. Seeing his family's ship is like watching a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart full of beer cans to the recycling center: you kinda feel sorry for him, but he's taking care of himself and if you're of criminal intent he'd be too much trouble to rob. One of the Twi'leks is slave-born from Nar Shaddaa and her mother is dead; her father unknown. Does he recognise the face in the holonews? Unlikely. The other Twi'lek? Born to a lower tier family on the reconstructed Taris, which in my campaign turned out just as bad as it was the first time around (see KOTOR and the Star Wars: KOTOR comic books). Yes, her parents will recognise their little girl on the holovids, be proud, brag, and then get stomped by a local swoop gang. Somewhere down the road, if she continues to keep her CHA=19 face in the public eye, the older Twi'lek is going to have some "bad dreams" about her family on Taris coming under some "undue influence". A hook to lure a charismatic Jedi to the Dark Side is exactly what a Dark Jedi or Sith will be looking for.

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